2017 Christmas Card

This is The Middaugh Family Christmas Card for 2017 featuring a paper cut illustration of our border collie Agnes.

Middaugh 2017 Christmas Card

New Comics Page

Check out my new Comics page, where I will regularly post different sequential stories! The first sequential story is one that I have been working on off and on called The Anteaters.


Here is a rework of the Dolphin image. I gave the dolphin a natural color, updated the lighting, and extended the Octopus's arms to unite the focal points a little more.

Red Riding Hood

I have been working on a Little Red Riding Hood piece for the SCBWI Tomie DePaola contest based off of a passage from Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales. This is the original un-cropped version.

New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog. I will periodically post new projects I am working on. I have currently completed a new SCBWI project for the Tomie DePaola contest. Look for images to be posted soon!